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Happy homeowners sold house above asking price after getting accurate valuation.

Success Story: Accurate Valuation Leads to Sale Above Asking Price

When Joan and David planned to sell their family home of 15 years, determining an optimal list price was crucial but difficult. This success story illustrates how an accurate, independent property valuation from a local expert helped them sell for tens of thousands above asking price.

The Selling Dilemma

Joan and David loved their cosy 3-bedroom bungalow but needed to downsize now that their children had left home. Having lived there so long themselves, they struggled to objectively determine the current resale value.

They considered using a comparative market analysis from their real estate agent. However, they wanted an unbiased perspective on their property’s true market value to maximise their sale price.

Seeking an Accurate Valuation

Joan contacted our office seeking an experienced local valuer to assess their home. We provided a detailed market appraisal, inspecting their property in person while analysing recent comparable sales in the area.

Our valuer precisely accounted for the home’s size, condition, upgrades, amenities and location attributes. Their valuation report provided a value range reflecting market demand with helpful advice for competitive pricing.

Pricing for Success

Based on our appraisal, Joan and David chose an asking price at the upper end of the recommended range. This strategy attracted multiple offers above listing price from eager buyers who saw the home as a deal.

They ended up accepting an excellent offer $45,000 above their asking price and 20% over